Choising a Gift For a Man

We all know how hard it can be to choose a gift for a man, whether it be your brother, father, son or other half, but if you break gift ideas down into three categories it will help to make things easier.

These categories are stocking fillers under £25, gifts between £50 and £100, and gifts over £100 . As a tip don’t forget that men are very practical and like functional items, so when they are not out there doing manly stuff such as building log cabins, sighting bears or slaying dragons, they like to have their gadgets and electronics and play with games.

Gifts Under £25

Portable chargers that charge your mobile phone through USB are all the rage at the moment and they are also very useful when your phone is low on power and you are out and about.

Phone cases are another cheaper item which is very useful and can protect your phone from all kinds of damage. With huge range of style available, they can also be a kind of fashion accessory too, although make sure that you don’t pick anything too flowery if you are shopping for a manly man.

If the person that you a shopping for likes cameras either for shooting videos or still pictures, you might want to get them a backpack to carry their gear. Amazon basics offer an affordable bag as well as a portable tripod which any budding photographer or film maker should be delighted to receive.

Another cool gadget which you might want to consider is the Zeus Smart Car Charger, which charges up to two USB devices and is bundled with a handy car locater app. This is a great way to make sure that you never lose track of your vehicle again.

Cologne is also a good stocking filler, however as it is a very personal purchase, make sure that you go with the person you are buying for in order to try some on to see if they like it.

Gifts Between £50 and £100

The Amazon Echo Dot is a hands free voice controlled device which see to be very popular at the moment. Using the Alexa assistant, the device can play music, control home devices, provide information, reading the news, setting alarms and much more.

The Amazon Fire tablet is another gift idea which is an affordable device with a seven inch screen and a quad core 1.3 GHz processor. The battery life is good for up to seven hours, making this a pretty good choice for a tech lover.

Gifts Over £100

iPhone and iPad charging docs are very popular too right now, and the Native Union model will look fantastic on any desk.

If the person likes to take pictures or video with their smart phone, you might want to consider the Manfrotto XC Smart Stand which comes with a universal smartphone clamp.

Another trend at the moment is Bluetooth wireless speakers, and there are huge range of different brands to choose from. the JBL clip 2 is an affordable option which is portable and has a great design.

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