Christmas Gift Money Saving Tips (Part 1)

It certainly feels as though Christmas gets more and more expensive every year, and even the aggressive sales and promotions such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, that are not commonplace don’t seem to make it any easier on out pockets. Retailers go out of their way to try and get our hard earned cash over the festive season, and there are occasionally some exceptional deals to be found if you look hard enough, although most of us do pay more than we need to when we are shopping for gifts. So what can we do to make our money go further this Christmas? This two part guide should hopefully go some way to pointing you in the right direction.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Although these two days are touted as the best time to find the lowest prices, this is not always the case. These days sales seem to last for a couple of weeks in late November and early December, rather than be limited to just a couple of days. Don’t be pressured into buying something on Black Friday just because you think that you have to. Shop around for a while and always check prices online in at least 2 or 3 different stores to make sure you do not pay through the nose.

Buying Gifts Early

Often the period before Christmas is not the best time to buy gifts. If you want to be well prepared, buying them in January might be a better time, as the promotions after Christmas can often be better than the ones before it. This is especially true with items that are heavily associated at Christmas and are not likely to be sold during other times of the year.

Don’t Forget Those Promo Codes

If you are serious about wanting to save money, you should really be trying to find a promo code to use every time you buy something online. Voucher site is one of the best ones to find them on at the moment and they have thousands of different stores listed. Whether they offer you free postage or a reduction in price, they are always worth using and Christmas time is when retailers release them the most.

Newsletter Deals

If you have a rough idea about which stores your are likely yo buy most of your gifts from, make sure that you are registered to receive their news updated. It is worth taking a few hours in mid October to sign up to a few different newsletters, because when they start sending out there exclusive offers in November you will be the firsts to know about them. If you are worried about receiving a lot of unwanted messages throughout the rest of the year, you can always unsubscribe from the mailing list once you have bought everything that you are shopping for.

Don’t Be Shy, Ask For a Discount

In the UK, we can sometimes be too reserved for our own good. In many foreign countries, bartering over the price of an item is an everyday thing to do, although here, many people cringe at the thought of it. If you are in a store talking to a sales person, do not be afraid to ask them for a better price. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no, and if they do agree you have just bagged yourself a great deal that nobody else has got.

Keep a look out for part two of our Christmas Money Saving Guide, which will be coming very soon.






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